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Anderson Road Baptist Church

The Anderson Road Baptist Church celebrated 50 years of ministry June 2017.   On July 16, 1966, the Southern Association of the North American Baptist Conference authorized the Houston Church Extension Project to begin the work. After much planning and surveying, the property on Anderson Road was purchased. Rev. Elton Kirstein was called to be the church planter. He and his family moved onto the field in October 1966. For a short time, they lived in the house on the property until the parsonage on Brownstone was completed. Through a bond program, the building of the present church was financed. The groundbreaking ceremony was held in April 1967. Immanuel Baptist Church of Kyle, Texas, became the mother church by underwriting the project.


By December 1967, a group of 20 believers under the leadership of Rev.

Kirstein organized into a local church.  On April 20, 1968, the present building was dedicated, and the church was officially recognized as a sister church of the Southern Association.

In June 1970 Rev. Kirstein felt called to the Forest Park Baptist Church in Illinois. Rev. Kenneth Zuercher of Houston served as interim Pastor until the arrival of Rev. Jakob Klingenberg and family on October 4, 1970.

During the 41 years of Jakob Klingenberg’s ministry to the church and community, the racial mix of the church resembled that of the community.  He always said, “Our church resembles heaven the closest”. The church maintained an active bus ministry for most of the years, an enthusiastic Neighborhood Bible School program, annual youth camp participation, a Bible-centered program, a consistent mission emphasis, and a life-changing pulpit ministry. We were active in the Southern Association ministries and in the North American Baptist Conference.

Anderson Road Baptist Church undertook sponsoring of a Hispanic Church Plant, Iglesia Bautista Casa de Restauracion, under the leadership of Pastor Raul Cruz. They began meeting at our facility April 15, 2018. The program continued until the untimely death of
Pastor Cruz in 2019.   We also help sponsor two missionary couples and their families…one in Romania and the other in Brazil.

After Rev. Jakob Klingenberg’s home going September 28, 2011, the church called Rev. James Brown as the Intentional Interim Pastor who served the church faithfully from June 2012 to the end of April 2018.

On May 6, 2018, Rev. Dr. Brent James and family began their ministry at Anderson Road Baptist Church. They served until August 31, 2021. Presently Rev. Efrain Lopez is our interim pastor, as well as being the Pastor of The ARC of the Nations. ARBC with assistance of the Southern Association is sponsoring this Spanish ministry which began in July 2021.

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